College Of Dance

    "An Inspiration, a thought, a creation reflected upon our movements, and lines, well-disciplined, well refiearsed, well-performed...

    An enjoyment, a lift from the Divine to give to those who watch and appreciate the beauty of dance, the love of dance, the pain of dance, for dance is our spirit, pure and unaffected..."



The College of Dance was first established within the Safari Sanctuary Fitness Centre in Sliema in September of 1989 by Felix Busuttil and Justin Roy Barker. In October 1992 the College moved to its present premises in San Gwann. The College of  Dance is the biggest Dance School on the island. Currently it boasts of some 500 students with three dance studios and a teaching faculty made up of twelve teachers: four in the Classical Ballet department, two in the Spanish Dance department, five in the Jazz Dance department and one in Hip Hop. The College holds an annual school show every scholastic year without fail. In addition the College collaborates in all major dance productions staged by the YADA Dance Company. Every year the College awards five major scholarships.

The YADA Dance Company is a thriving source of creativity made up of some forty dancers all hailing from the College of  Dance. Established by its founder and mentor Felix Busuttil in 1984, YADA has produced some of Malta’s best dance productions over the past years. To name only few : Dance Spectacular (1994), Firedance (1997), Tango (1998), Dirty Dancing (2001), Madonna-The Dance Show (2002), Moulin Rouge (2003), and mostly recently Circle of Senses (2007). Many of Malta’s reknowned choreographers have contributed in such productions, namely: Justin Roy Barker, Vivienne Fielding Refalo, and Alison Bird, as well as others based abroad such as Theresa Kerr and Silvio Oddi. The Company is very versatile and its repertoire ranges from glamorous cabaret shows to top TV shows to Operas and Operettas as well as major theatre productions. Yada has also performed abroad on numerous occasions in Dubai, Turkey, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Tunisia, Portugal, Spain, India, Denmark and in Cyprus. In March 2010 YADA celebrated its 25th. Anniversary with a performance which filled six full nights at the MCC. Earlier on this year it produced another successful performance Michael Jackson Forever at the MFCC as a tribute to the King of Pops.