College Of Dance
Yada Dance Academy

A Dance Show....!!



The YADA Dance Academies in Gozo and Tarxien together with The College of Jazz Dance, Malta, home of the YADA Dance Company are once again joining forces to create a show like no other. Last year’s show was our first experiment – it was called RIO and tickets were sold out eight days before the actual performance.

YADA has for the past 30 years strived to create shows of high calibre and spectacle that have attracted thousands of patrons. So experience in theatre business is an integral element of these popular dance institutions.

This year YADA will create an original show inspired by music from movies about animals like Madagascar, Shrek, Black Beauty and Dances with Wolves. The show will be full of colour, costume and glamour with a large amount of young dancers and a smaller amount of adult dancers. Normally, YADA created shows with a large amount of adults and a small amount of children.

The show will be performed entirely in Gozo – to be specific on the 6th of April 2013 at the Astra Theatre. This show will promise a feast of culture, education and entertainment. Tickets are on sale now from 79452104 or 99825077.