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Established in 1984, The YADA (Young Actors and Dancers Association) Dance Company is a thriving powerful force creating choreography in the form of dance. Past and recent choreographers include names such as Felix Busuttil, Justin Roy Barker, Daron Galea, Vivienne Fielding Refalo, Alison Bird, Tanya Bayona, Francesca Abela Tranter , Theresa Kerr (Cambridge, UK) and Silvio Oddi (Italy).


The company is versatile - it's repertoire ranges from glamorous cabaret shows to top major theatrical productions, from TV shows to commercials, from international events (Dubai, Turkey, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, UK, Tunisia, Portugal, Spain, Denmark) to national festivities (CHOGM Opening Ceremony MCC, 2005).


Successful theatrical productions such as Dance Spectacular (1994), Firedance (1997), Era (1998), Tango (1998), Minestrone (1999), Phantom (2000), Dirty Dancing (2001) and their latest smash-hit MICHAEL JACKSON FOREVER - The Dance Show (2011) can be seen in further detail on our portfolio together with with highlights from other local and international performances including music videos, fashion shows, jewellery shows and more.


YADA has also launched themselves as theatrical agents. Bodywork Dance Co. UK were their first guests, followed by the world renowned Spanish National Ballet. YADA has also brought over top Italian TV stars such as Mediaset's (Canale 5) Kledi kadiu, Ilir Shaquiri, Ambeta Toromani . YADA now has the reputation of Malta leading dance company and continues to thrive both locally and abroad.


I want to be successful
I want to be heard
I want to be myself and not care what others think I should be
I want to be a perfectionist
I want to be changable
I want peace of mind
I want to be understood
I do not want to have any inhibitions
I want to confront the system and speak up for the underdog
I do not have to justify my human nature
I want to treasure my parents and family escpecially mum and dad
I want to dance the dance of life
I want to love and be loved regardless of faith, colour or preference
I want to believe in a loving, forgiving and universal God
I want to survive amidst all adversity
I want to believe in humanity and all it faults
I want to make the best out of my life
I want to believe in myself.

Enjoy YADA, enjoy your own life and live life to the fullest!

Dedicated to all those who put spokes in my wheels, thank you and God bless you, you have made me stronger.

FELIX BUSUTTIL Dip LSC, born in Victoria, Gozo, started dancing at the age of seventeen at the Alison White Dance school. He furthered his studies at the Tanya Bayona Poutiatine Academy of Ballet. In September 1984, he set up the Young Actors and Dancers Association YADA , with the help of Mrs. Janatha and the late Mr. Paddy Stubbs. He was later awarded a two-year scholarship at The London Studio Centre, where he majored in Classical Ballet, Jazz (Matt Mattox and Rock Jazz), Tap, Spanish, Contemporary (Martha Graham), Improvisation and Singing. During his two-year stay in London, Felix worked extensively namely at the Battersea Show Palace, the Leicester Square Show Palace, Wimbledon Theatre and also in the U.S.A. on board the luxurious 'MS Celebration'.


In 1989, he opened the College of Jazz Dance together with Justin Roy Barker, which is now respected as one of the foremost dance schools in Malta. He also carried on with the upkeep and progress of standards within the YADA Dance Company and has choreographed various operas, operettas, music videos, national theatrical celebrations and television productions for the company including YADA's productions. Felix formed part of the first Committee Member of the Dance Council, Malta - 'Conseil Internationale de la Danse' affiliated within UNESCO, whose first President was Ms Tanya Bayona.

In the year 2000 Felix together with Mr. Daron Galea inaugurated the YADA Dance Academy in Gozo and later the YADA Dance Academy at GymStars , Tarxien. He has also ben invited to teach alongside international teachers in Italy and now forms part of The Board of Directors of the Mediterranean Conference Centre Valletta. He was awarded Gieh Il- Belt Vittorja ( The sister island's major Arts contribution award) 2007.


Felix presently forms part of the Mediterranean Conference Centre, Valletta Management Board.


IT GIVES ME GREAT PLEASURE TO EXTEND PATRONAGE TO YADA on the occasion of CHRISTUS that is being staged to celebrate YADA's twentieth anniversary. I have followed this organisation since its very birth and pride myself for having attended practically every production put up since then as well as for following how this organisation has expanded and become a crucial benchmarking our country's performing arts' scene.YADA is not only a benchmark within that sector. It has become a symbol of excellence, of searching to come up with productions that provide perfect synergies between dancers, music, lights and sound effects, stage, artistic sets, and other effects that in their totality prove that YADA give attention to every detail. By doing that, the resulting production is larger than the sum total of the different components.I express my gratitude and good wishes not only to all the performers, but also to all those who work back stage who through their dedication and talent contribute to the success of the event. All these together with choreographers, artistic directors and producers bring to life another production of the highest calibre as has become the hallmark of YADA.In doing so, those involved are promoting the exuberant talent of all the persons involved, and are communicating that talent to each and every one of us in the audience who through our presence participate in the unique experience.


MAY I TAKE THIS OPPORTUNITY TO THANK YOU FOR THE INVITATION of being a patron of YADA Dance Company. I have always loved the Maltese Islands, and now even more so. My interest has always been helping theatre and the arts in Malta, knowing how hard the struggle is to survive and keep up with foreign competition. My aim is to pass on my knowledge and experience to help those in theatre to lift their standards. Now that I have more time on my hands I can dedicate more time and effort towards this. Over the years I have seen great potential in dancers and hopefully my contribution will be an added bonus to them.


CONGRATULATIONS! HOW WONDERFUL THAT YADA IS TWENTY YEARS OLD. I can remember my husband Paddy's enthusiasm and support for a group of talented people dancing their hearts out in a place in Zabbar. I can remember the long discussions about names and the defining moment when he suggested the acronym YADA. I remember that wonderful Guardian of the Light in Floriana - the dreams becoming a reality though the beautiful gauzy costumes had to be re-sewn every night! Since then so much has been achieved and so much progress made.A credit to everyone and best wishes for more success in the future.